If these don't answer your question we would love to hear from you to give you the answers you need.


What is your photography style?

Traditional? Not really. Journalistic? Possibly. Styled? That's not it. Documentary? That is pretty close. Storytelling? Exactly!


Our photography is moments as they happen. Laughs as they come. Looks as they are shared. Love as it unfolds. The story of your wedding day. Every wedding looks different. Feels different. Sounds different. Is just different. Your photos should be too.


We might suggest posing in certain situations but our time together won't be spent with us telling "you to put your hand here and you stand there." There will be moments we will give more direction and others that we will be wall flowers and you will be wondering if we are still there. We don't want to direct your wedding you spent months (sometimes years) planning. We just want to photograph it as it happens.


Who is the main shooter?


Since we both like to be the main shooter, we let each other believe the other one actually is.  As a result, you get 2 main shooters! Just don't tell anyone...


How many photos will I receive? Will they be hi-res?

We will pick 400-600 of the best images from the 346,742 we take.  They will be edited and put on a flash drive in high resolution for you to print at your leisure. We will include a print release which will give you the freedom to print your images wherever you wish. Your images will be delivered along with some other special surprises approximately 8 weeks after your big day. We will also create a high quality, hard bound memory book which will showcase your day from beginning to end and can be easily shared with anyone you would like to show off your images to.


How long will you be at my wedding?

We will arrive to start capturing images from your day as soon as you begin getting ready in the morning and will be with you through every detail of your day (including the details you don't see!) and through the important parts of your reception.  We want to deliver nothing but the best for your wedding photographs and our philosophy is that in order to do that, we must not miss a moment.


How far will you travel for our wedding and what is the fee?

We are happy to travel any distance to photograph your wedding.  We are especially fond of the beach...in the winter, but we are happy to travel anywhere!  Much of Iowa is covered in our package price without additional fees.  Contact us and we will gladly go over the details and location of your wedding and quote you a price for our travel.